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Star Wars: TIE Fighter (2015)

Star Wars: TIE Fighter (2015)
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Quality : HD
Title:Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Director : Paul Johnson,
Writer :
Producer :
Runtime:7 min.
Genre:Science Fiction, Action, Animation

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Paul “OtaKing” Johnson drops a real treat in the form of this “Star Wars: TIE Fighter” animated short. Complete with appropriately radical electric guitar solos and impressive attention to detail, “TIE Fighter” casts the forces of the Galactic Empire not in the role of disposable cannon fodder seen in the Star Wars films, but as near-suicidally reckless angels of death. Johnson animated this 7-minute short over the course of “four years’ worth of weekends,” and his love and attention-to-detail shows.
Zakir Rahman
Paul Johnson
Joseph Leyva